Critical Content and Skills

Content Area: Social Science
Eric M. Brooks
Students will know...
Formative Assessment
Students will be able to...
Product Summative Assessment
1. about the start of the Olympic games in Athens, Greece and the cultural influences of the time.
SA: Students will write about what they think they know about the Olympic games and Greek Culture.
1. Explain: describe Greek culture that influenced the start of the Olympic games.
GS: Students will use Google Sites to display their research of how the Olympic games originated.
2. the history of the games through time.
Memory Box: Students will fill a memory box of major events covered.
2. Interpret: tell the story of how the games have developed through time.
G: Create a time line of events with major events being interactive with additional information.
3. basic world geography of countries involved in the Olympic games.
Q: Students will locate the countries on a map and label them appropriately.
3. Apply: use their knowledge to locate and recognize the locations of the countries involved in the games on a map.
G: As a class, students will create an interactive map with information from countries that participate in the Olympic games.
4. about the political implications surrounding the participation of countries in the game.
D: Discussion of the issues that might influence a country’s participation in the games and the effects on the rest of the games.
4. Analyze: analyze different perspectives of the involvement of countries in the games.
CL: Students will create a political cartoon of the ramifications of hosting the Olympic or participating in the Olympic games.
5. the costs and economic impacts associated with funding and hosting the games.
O: Students will work in small teams to research this topic.
5. Empathy: consider the costs and economic impacts associated with hosting and participating in the current Olympic games.
Google Sites: Students will add this information to their pages regarding the political implications on country participation.
6. the role of media in the current Olympic and its effects on society.
SA: students describe how advertising has influenced things they have done in the their own lives.
6. Self Knowledge: realize the effects the media has on the Olympic games.
PC: Students will create podcasts of advertisements and media releases relating to different experiences of covering the Olympics.


Q - Quizzes
WS - Work Sample
SA - Self Assessment
P - Prompts
O - Observation
D - Dialogues

Product - Summative

CL- Comic Life
IM - Imovie
B - Blog
PC - Podcast
W - Wikispace
G - Glogster