Critical Content and Skills

Content Area:

Students will know...

Formative Assessment

Students will be able to...

Product Summative Assessment

1. How a specific body system operates in detail.
WS- I will check student understanding through the review of their work.
1. Explain: demonstrate their knowledge of a body system by constructing a model.
CL- Students will be creating a Comic Life to illustrate their indepth knowledge of a body system.
2. How all body systems work to function as a whole.
D- Students will be discussing in groups how the body works as a whole.
2. Interpret: discuss how the different body systems work together,
B- Students will create a blog or wikipage to post their work and thoughts about the body systems and how they interact together.
3. How the science behind events has influenced the Olympic games.
WS/O- Students will demonstrate their understanding by calling on their previous knowledge and exanding and applying it to final assignment.
3. Apply: design a new event for the upcoming Olympic games based on the material they mastered in this unit.
IM- Students will create an iMovie to demonstrate what body systems/parts are being used in this new event. Students will also demonstrate how to complete the event properly, explaning any rules and/or regulations pertainin to their event.
4. The stress and outside pressures that athletes face.
D/P- Understanding will be checked through the prompts given by me discussing the pros and cons.
4. Perspective: argue the pros and cons of stress on an Olympic athlete.
P- Students will create a podcast within groups and will present both sides of stress on Olympics.
5. How sports nutrition influences and effects an individual's performance.
WS/D- I will check for understanding based on discussions had in class and samples of work collected.
5. Empathy: examine and relate the importance of sports nutrition to athletic performance.
G- Students will pick a major topic within the rhelm of sports nutrition and post their research on a glogster which they created.
6. The location and function of major organs.
O- By observing students in the classroom I will check for their understanding.
6. Self Knowledge: name and locate major systems and organs in the body.
IM- Students will create an instructional video showing where body systems and organs are located in our bodies.


Q - Quizzes
WS - Work Sample
SA - Self Assessment
P - Prompts
O - Observation
D - Dialogues

Product - Summative

CL- Comic Life
IM - Imovie
B - Blog
PC - Podcast
W - Wikispace
G - Glogster