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Product Summative Assessment

1. How the government within the 19th Century protected
the interests of big business for the sake of our capitalist economy.
Which effectively created a division for how the government interacted with
citizens of the United States.
WS-Students will be asked to construct a Brochure to take either the argument of socialism and unions or capitalism and big business in order to try to sway the US government and citizens to join their cause. This sample will be a great example of student's creativity as well as a way to hone their persuasive craft.
1. Explain: Justify the change within our political system for
the benefit of individuals.While effectively demonstrating how
this shift created growth within the federal government that we understand today.
G-The Glogster portion of the assessment will be to pick out key phrases and images from the brochure activity and make sure that Type-II technology is placed within the presentation. This will allow to students to think about their product in an abstract way and be able to be creative in terms of the aesthetics of this project.
2.That the changing "racial" makeup of the United States lead to racism and discrimination against the influx of immigrants at the end of the 19th century. These events lead to the invention of progressive movements within cities where these individuals lived. As these new movements lead for legislation and court cases that fight for the rights and interests of these newly integrated Americans.
O-This is a reading activity to gauge where the class stands on decoding language and divulging meaning in period appropriate texts. The observation will be measured through helping the class work through the material and providing additional challenge to dig deeper in the content for those who finish early.
2. Interpret:Evaluate primary documents to help construct over arching narratives about the period.
CL-The Comic Life is a good way to get students to take what they have read and apply it into a different format. Modernizing the content is a good way to gain deeper understanding of the topic by putting the documents into layman's terms. It also helps create a multifaceted picture of the past that students can use to better internalize the facts.
3. How amendments passed by Congress effectively changed the lives of Americans who had classically been considered disadvantaged since the foundation of our country.
SA: Students will be assessed on their ability to compromise and self govern the classroom. At the end of the assignment they will rate how they effective they found the activity, how well they worked with their classmates, and what they would change about it in the future
3. Apply: Create a class constitution for positive reinforcement and choice within the classroom. This will make the content come alive while giving the students autonomy within the lessons
B-This blog is a good way to get the student's feelings out in a less compact way. (For example providing comments unable to be captured by the conventional feedback rubric sheet.) This is a good way to get comments not only about the assignment but a great way to great dialogue on where the students want to go next.
4. The differences experienced by those living on the eastern coastal cities versus the experiences of those who decided to expand and explore into the western territories.
D-Students will be asked to take on the role of either an immigrant worker within a populous city or an emigrant to the west and defend their lifestyle to try to sway the jury (foreign persons eager to come to our country) to assimilate to their lifestyle. The end students will have an open dialogue with each other and myself on what they ultimately learned from the experience and which they preferred.
4. Perspective: Compare different lifestyles and weigh out the pros and cons within living within both societies.
W- A wiki space will be created for students to better help prepare for the culminating performance task that encompasses all of our content areas. On this pages students can create a online representation of the lifestyles they have researched in order to draw from it as a resource later. This will also be a good way to open up communication and easy edits between group members which helps build community in the classroom.
5. How, Where, and Why Progressive movements occurred in this country and how they made our system of government more responsive and effective in the long run.
P-Students will be given prompts based on real problems during the Gilded Age that people were facing and will be asked to write about their own unique solutions to the problems of the time. This will be a process involving drafts and graphic organizers eventually resulting into a script for their Podcasts
5. Empathy: Assume the role of a 19th century reformer and gain understanding on what an individual needed to fight for their rights within the Gilded Age.
PC- Students will be asked to give a brief campaign speech in the style of a talking tour to win the hearts and minds of their audiences. They will be given free reign on how they present these stylistically ranging anywhere from commercials, interviews, and even songs to better suit the interests of those involved.
6. How our country entered the World stage and became more interested in the matter of Foreign Affairs in the turn of the 20th century.
Q-Students will receive a quiz to see how firm their grasp over the content is. It will be cumulative about the shifts in the 19th century into the early 20th century. Which will better prepare them for a summative product and assess their essential understandings within the unit.
6. Self Knowledge: Recognize how the foriegn policy of the late 19th and early 20th century have an effect on how the United States operates within that spectrum in the present.
IM- Groups will be asked to construct Pro or Anti (isolationist) foreign policy videos to encompass key themes of the unit in a different format. This will be a great perspective building creative task that will get them thinking about how to defend their side. While leaving it open ended for students to determine whether or not they agree with the actions our country took upon build ourselves up as a superpower.


Q - Quizzes
WS - Work Sample
SA - Self Assessment
P - Prompts
O - Observation
D - Dialogues

Product - Summative

CL- Comic Life
IM - Imovie
B - Blog
PC - Podcast
W - Wikispace
G - Glogster