Critical Content and Skills

Content Area:

Students will know...

Formative Assessment

Students will be able to...

Product Summative Assessment

1. about the Space Race and the Apollo Program, and how it began
the interest in space.
SA: Students will take a self assessment on what they think they know about the space race. Things like who was involved, and who was president at the time.
1. Perspective: analyze the importance of the Space Race, and how it initiated the Apollo Program.
Podcast: Students will create a podcast, where they will talk about the Space Race, and how President Kennedy has just initiated the Apollo Program, and what this means for the future of the discovery of the Solar System.
2. about the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis
D: As a class we will discuss the effects of the Cold War, and how it created the conflict that led up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
2. Interpret: tell the story of the Cold War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Comic Life: Students will create a comic life, where they will tell the story of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. They will be allowed to interpret this story in any way that they want, as long as it is historically accurate.
3. of the assassinations of famous and important figures
during this time period
WS: Students will do a work sheet on the famous figures that I cover in this lesson (JFK, MLK, and RFK). It will focus on the achievements that the three famous figures accomplished, and how they
changed history, as well as how their death changed
the course of history.
3. Empathy: imagine the world if those famous figures had not been shot, using the history that they were told about them.
Blog: Students will keep a blog (for the rest of this unit) where they will assume the role of one of the famous figures discussed, and they will imagine that this person had never been killed, and how the United States would have changed, had they not been killed.
4. of The United States invasion of Cambodia, which resulted in the
Vietnam war, they will also learn about The Vietnam War
Q: Students will be given a short quiz on the facts and figures that are concerned with the Vietnam War.
4. Explain: model the Vietnam War, by showing how severe of a war this was with the new technologies that were present, both overseas and on the home front.
Glogster: Students will create a glogster where they will model the images and facts about the Vietnam war. Focusing on how this war was very different from those before it, and explaining why.
5. the importance of the Civil Rights Movement
SA: Students will do a self assessment on what they think they know about the civil rights movement by doing a boardle - by running up to the board and writing down key terms from the Civil Rights Movement.
5. Apply: exhibit what the Civil Rights Movement entailed. By showing both the peaceful and violent aspect to movement.
iMovie: Students will create an iMovie, where they will exhibit how the Civil Rights Movement was carried out. This will be done in groups, and some groups will have the violent side (reaction to the movement), and other groups will have the peaceful side.
6. about the Watergate Scandal and the importance of it, the change
that it started to create for the country.
D: As a class we will discuss the time period that we have been focusing on, and the ways in which the United States and the world has changed, and then we will discuss the big impact that Watergate had on so many things.
6. Self Knowledge: realize how the time period we have been focusing on as a class changed the course of the Unite States, and the World. They will
also realize just how the Watergate Scandal fits into this as well.
Fodey: Students will create a newspaper article where they will tell their own version of the Watergate Scandal. As long as they keep it historically accurate, they are able to become any reporter in history that they choose.


Q - Quizzes
WS - Work Sample
SA - Self Assessment
P - Prompts
O - Observation
D - Dialogues

Product - Summative

CL- Comic Life
IM - Imovie
B - Blog
PC - Podcast
W - Wikispace
G - Glogster