Critical Content and Skills

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Formative Assessment

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Product Summative Assessment

1. That dictatorships vary in their control of the political system and the lives of their citizens
There will be ongoing classroom discussion
1. Explain: Describe the differences between authoritarianism and totalitarianism
Blog: Imagine you lived in North Korea. What are at least three freedoms that you enjoy now that you would not be able to in North Korea?
2. That democracies vary in how they appoint leaders in the legislative and executive branches
There will be ongoing classroom discussion
2. Interpret: Evaluate the differences between the presidential democracy of the United States and the parliamentary democracy of England, along with the Mubarek regime in Egypt
Blog: If you could amend the constitution, would you establish a presidential democracy or a parliamentary democracy? Why?
3. That institutions alone are not enough to ensure democracy, as evidenced by Hozni Mubarek's presidency over Egypt.
Quiz on Dahl's concept of polyarchy
3. Apply: Adapt the ideals of democracy and polyarchy to the Mubarek regime in Egypt and regimes elsewhere
Blog: In what ways are the United States and Egypt similar? In what ways are the United States and Egypt different? Make sure to compare and contrast not only the structural differences but also the practical differences between the two countries, as seen in your news research and in the Frontline documentary
4. The motives of the protesters who took to the streets in Egypt
Inspiration (Mind42 if not available): concept map of causes of why people protest, and why they are protesting in Egypt
4. Empathy: Examine the accounts of Egyptian protesters to role-play and deliver a protester's perspective on the events in Egypt
Podcast: youth news reporter podcasting from Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt
5. That Egypt will have ripple effects on other countries
Work sample: Bio sheet on student's country of choice
5. Perspective: contrast the conditions for protest in Egypt with conditions in another country to assess the possibility for revolution elsewhere
Glogster (or Wix, maybe): student is working for a large philanthropy organization looking to give money to Egypt in order to spur democratic reform
6. Social movements come in many forms
There will be ongoing classroom discussion
6. Self-knowledge: Reflect on one's values and beliefs and understand that there are peaceful methods to achieving those objectives.
iMovie: What do you stand for, and how might you go about getting it?


Q - Quizzes
WS - Work Sample
SA - Self Assessment
P - Prompts
O - Observation
D - Dialogues

Product - Summative

CL- Comic Life
IM - Imovie
B - Blog
PC - Podcast
W - Wikispace
G - Glogster