Critical Content and Skills

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Formative Assessment

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Product Summative Assessment

1. The origin and use of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
1. Explain: Demonstrate why hieroglyphics were created, and how they were used.
2. The significance of Gods to ancient Egyptians, and will know who the main ones are.
2. Interpret: Tell a story of why Gods were significant to ancient Egyptian religion, and who some of the main Gods were, and their role in Egyptian culture.
Comic Life
3. About mummies, and the steps that are involved in mummification, along with the religious aspect behind it.
3. Apply: Exhibit knowledge of what mummies were, the steps involved in the embalming process, and the religious tradition attached to the process.
4. How important the Nile River was to the creation and development of ancient Egypt.
Work Sample
4. Perspective: Analyze why the Nile River was so crucial to the development of Ancient Egypt.
5. The role that Pharaohs played in ancient Egyptian society, and their relationship with the Gods.
Self Assessment
5. Empathy: Consider what Pharaohs did in society, how they related to common people, and what their relationship to the Gods was.
6. How the ancient pyramids were built, why they were built, and what they were/are a symbol of.
6. Self Knowledge: Reflect on the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, who built them, why they were built, and what they symbolize.


Q - Quizzes
WS - Work Sample
SA - Self Assessment
P - Prompts
O - Observation
D - Dialogues

Product - Summative

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